Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why the Story Tree?

After more than 50 years of producing print books, I am going digital. Future Wordshed tiles will hang on the Story Tree, to be joined eventually by earlier writings.  Down the line, we’ll open an online store. Webmaster Jackie is working out details.

To start with, I will post chapters on the Story Tree, mostly stand-alone stories.  The chapters will form e-books.  Expect variety. I have a weird propensity for working on several books at a time.  Time is what I have these days.

I serve an unruly muse. I can’t produce stories on command. A story’s ending may surprise me as much as the reader.

Why do I bother? I’m an old guy. Lord knows I won’t get rich. Writing is an affliction that strikes a few. There is no known cure.

I will try to focus on memoir books three, four, and five, restraining Tales from Johnson Junction and The Valley Vigilantes, the doings of seven ornery seniors who meet around the round oak table at the Kaffe Stuga.

The Hole News will pass along Story Tree action.

Old Grandpa Lloyd